VRSA Director of Member Services Marcus Hensel celebrates five-years!

This month, VRSA Director of Member Services Marcus Hensel celebrates five years with VRSA.

In December 2014, Hensel joined VRSA as a senior underwriter from his position with the Virginia Property Insurance Association. Since 2018, Hensel has served as VRSA’s director of member services.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of working at VRSA is seeing the claim adjusters and the relationships they develop with our members,” said Hensel. “It’s certainly not the case in the insurance industry as a whole, but really it is something that is special not only with pooling, but with VRSA in particular.”

“The claim adjusters are also looking at each claim with the mindset of finding coverage to cover the loss,” said Hensel.

Marcus’ goal with member services is to continue to focus on listening and building relationships with our members. In response to member suggestions, Marcus is working closely with Director of Education and Training Thomas Bullock to increase training and member engagement throughout the Commonwealth.

This is most visible through increased roundtables scheduled throughout 2020.

“We are planning to have these roundtables as they offer an opportunity for our members to learn from each other about challenges, concerns, and how they are addressing them – as well as providing VRSA with an avenue to help those members and others manage risk,” said Hensel.

For more information on upcoming workshops, trainings and roundtables, visit the VRSA training calendar at: www.vrsa.us.