Virginia Risk Sharing Association

VRSA is here to protect our members and their employees so they may effectively serve their communities.

We are committed to financial strength to ensure stable rates and dependable coverages. Our coverages are tailored to our members' interests, and our staff are dedicated to providing outstanding service.

Coverage Offerings

VRSA offers comprehensive coverages tailored to meet a wide variety of public entity exposures to loss.

Value-Added Consulting

We offer more than just coverage. Our public safety, human resources, local government, communications, and risk service specialists, as well as workers’ compensation staff offer members up-to-date information on the latest trends, news and best practices in their specialties.

For Members

The Virginia Risk Sharing Association (VRSA) offers a variety of programs and resources designed to maximize members’ risk management efforts.


  • VRSA Online University

    Provides online learning opportunities for member staff on a number of subjects from bloodborne pathogens to sexual harassment prevention, stress management, and more. Online training saves members up to 93 percent on costs compared to standard instructor-led courses/travel time. LOGIN »
  • VRSA Multimedia Library

    To help members maximize their risk management programs, VRSA offers a wealth of resources to supplement our various services and trainings through the VRSA Multimedia Library.
  • Virtual Engagements

    VRSA offers free virtual engagements each month on a variety of topics from human resources, communications, risk management, and law enforcement.
  • Workshops

    VRSA offers a number of training opportunities, including workshops held each fall focused on a variety of topics, and targeted workshops held throughout the year focused on safety, human resources, law enforcement, workers’ compensation, or other topics.


  • Business Continuity

    Provides generators, access to technology, office space, and Internet/phone connectivity for members in the event of a widespread or localized disaster, in addition to business continuity planning assistance.
  • Contract Review

    VRSA offers contract review to ensure that member contracts containing insurance requirements not only have the required insurance placement, but that member entities do not unintentionally waive rights or accept liability on behalf of another. This is offered at no cost. VRSA can also assist with drafting contract language to ensure that contracts have the needed insurance requirements.
  • First-Fill Prescription Program

    Provides payment for the first prescription(s) needed by an injured employee, ensuring they face no out-of-pocket expenses – even if the claim is later found to be non-compensable. Through workers’ compensation, injured employees have access to more than 1,500 pharmacies throughout Virginia.
  • VRSA Safe Driver Resources

    Provides a collection of resources including coaching systems, online courses, videos, DVDs, helpful links, and more. These resources were created to help safety and risk managers organize their training messages utilizing a variety of available resources.

Ready to get started?

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