Property Coverages Include

  • Property coverage protects buildings, contents, equipment, and more from losses caused by fire, wind, and other losses. Coverage is on a blanket basis, allowing coverage up to the full limit of the policy.
  • Miscellaneous Equipment coverage protects construction equipment and tractors, as well as tools, various equipment, and fine arts.
  • Boiler and Machinery coverage protects against losses arising from the operation of boilers, pressure vessels, or equipment. VRSA provides for the required boiler machinery inspection based on the Code of Virginia requirements.
  • Crime coverage protects from loss of money and other negotiable securities due to acts such as theft or embezzlement by employees and volunteers.

Property Appraisals

VRSA contracts for professional appraisals of all member locations valued at more than $1 million on a five-year basis, at no charge to members with property coverage. In addition to providing buildings and contents values, appraisals also provide square footage, flood zone, and fire protection information to ensure adequate coverage in the event of a loss.

Event Coverage

Requests to use public property and facilities by citizens have become common. The GatherGuard (formerly TULIP) program provides temporary insurance for those utilizing public facilities.