Services Include

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Accident Review
  • Assessments
  • Program Development
  • Safety Training
  • OSHA

We work with members to tailor our coverages and services to your needs. Need training/assistance for a specific issue? Reach out to your risk services consultant!

Risk Services Program


When group self-insurance pools were authorized through the Code of Virginia § 15.2- 2703, it was done “for the purpose of providing to the participating political subdivisions risk management services as well as insurance coverage…”

As we are dedicated to protecting our members and their employees, VRSA provides a variety of virtual engagements, risk management workshops, and online training for members at no additional cost.

Courses through the VRSA Online University and VRSA Public Safety Academy are offered in the areas of public safety, public works, defensive driving, parks and recreation, human resources, school safety, law enforcement, fire/EMS, and more. Virginia recognizes some law enforcement classes as ongoing training for law enforcement.

For more information, contact Risk Services at: 800-963-6800.