Risk Management Grants

Each year, VRSA Risk Management Grants are distributed to members expanding their risk management programs. The funds are to be used to purchase safety equipment, attend training sessions, and for special educational endeavors aimed at broadening member understanding of governmental management.

Property Appraisals

VRSA contracts for professional appraisals of all member locations valued at more than $1 million on a five-year basis, at no charge to members with property coverage. In addition to providing buildings and contents values, appraisals also provide square footage, flood zone, and fire protection information.

Contract Review

VRSA offers contract review to ensure member contracts containing insurance requirements not only have the required insurance placement, but that member entities do not unintentionally waive rights or accept liability on behalf of another. This is offered at no cost.

Education and Training

VRSA offers free, unlimited online training through the VRSA Online University and VRSA Public Safety Academy. Additionally, free virtual engagements are offered on safety, human resources, communications, risk management, and public safety topics each month. The VRSA website provides training resources such as recorded engagements, videos, training modules, and more.


VRSA members purchasing Cyber Liability have access to robust training, services and resources. These include: free, unlimited cybersecurity courses; access to an application providing a  security healthcheck;  sample incident response plans; a cyber inventory register; and more.

Risk Management Assessment

The Risk Management Assessment application reviews members’ risk management initiatives, claims management, fleet safety, self-inspections, training attendance, safety awareness and more. Members who meet their annual assessment goal are eligible to receive a premium credit.

Tenant User Liability Insurance Program

Requests to use local government property and facilities by the public have become common – while individuals and organizations using member facilities are not covered under the member’s insurance program. The Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) provides temporary insurance for those utilizing member facilities not under the members’ insurance program.

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STOPit Educational Solutions

VRSA has partnered with STOPit to offer members access to an application designed to deter inappropriate behaviors at school and in the work environment. STOPit is a mobile and web application that provides a safe and 100 percent anonymous way for students to share bullying and other issues to school administrators so that help can be provided as quickly and efficiently is possible. It works in real-time, so that administrators can be notified of an issue as it is taking place.

Additionally, VRSA offers grant funding assistance for members interested in implementing the program.

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