Workers’ Compensation Benefits and Programs Include:

CompCare On-Call

Provides access to a registered nurse 24/7 immediately following a workplace incident to provide immediate medical advice and assistance in their treatment decisions via a toll-free number. Accident reports and claims are filed on behalf of the member through this service, helping reduce claims costs.

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First Fill Prescription

Provides payment for the first prescription(s) needed by an injured employee, ensuring they face no out-of-pocket expenses – even if the claim is later found to be non-compensable. Through workers’ compensation coverage, injured employees have access to more than 1,500 pharmacies throughout Virginia.

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Return to Work Programs - Light Duty Pathway

Most physicians agree that a transition back to pre-injury work can be aided through modified duty. Modified duty can be offered once the treating physician feels it is safe for the employee and provides information on the injured employee’s capabilities.

VRSA’s patient advocates provide assistance to employers wishing to create or implement a Return-To-Work program.

Additionally, VRSA offers access to LightDuty Pathway (LDP), an online service providing light duty for workers recovering from an injury when other opportunities are not available. Through LDP, workers are guided through up to eight hours of interactive curriculum per day, with timed breaks for rest or lunch.

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Workers' Compensation Plus

Injured employees may face expenses not covered under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act (VWCA). Workers’ Compensation Plus (WC Plus), available through VRSA, provides coverage for additional incurred expenses, as well as the costs of bloodborne pathogen testing.

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Accidents happen. Fortunately, VRSA and our partner, Concerta, are there to help you move forward. Akos is leading the telehealth revolution by redefining how workers’ compensation cases are managed. Through telemedicine, employees can virtually consult with a healthcare provider at the time of injury.

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