Happy Halloween from VRSA!

Guest blogger Jerry the Skeleton is in the office today recapping VRSA’s 2019 Halloween costume and pumpkin carving winners.

It was a ghoulish good time at the Virginia Risk Sharing Association (VRSA) today, and while there was not a ghost or goblin in sight, the camaraderie around staff was a delight.

First up, the pumpkin carving winners who skillfully sliced their orange gourds.

Pumpkin Carving Winners

The pumpkin carving contest winners were announced first, with top prize going to VRSA Account Specialist Harry McMillen for his VRSA-themed pumpkin

Harry McMillen’s award-winning VRSA pumpkin

Second place went to VRSA Administrative Specialist Robin Wiley for her jail-themed pumpkin.

VRSA Administrative Specialist Robin Wiley’s second place carved pumpkin

The third-place carved pumpkin went to VRSA Director of Communications Hollie Cammarasana.

VRSA Director of Communications Hollie Cammarasana took third place for this carved pumpkin

Individual Costume Winner

First place in the individual costume contest went to VRSA Indemnity Claims Representative Jennifer Moore, who dressed as Robin from the Netflix hit Stranger Things.

VRSA Indemnity Claims Representative Jennifer Moore

Group Costumes

First place in the group costumes went to workers’ compensation staff for their The Price is Right ensemble, complete with skit. Congratulations to VRSA Senior Indemnity Claims Representative Beth Willoughby on that new car, oven and refrigerator!

(LtR): VRSA DIrector of Workers’ Compensation Robin Duvall, Patient Advocate Joanne Allen, Senior Indemnity Claims Representative Beth Willoughby, Administrative Specialist Robin Wiley, Senior Medical-Only Claims Representative Cheryl Jenkins, and Medical-Only Claims Representative Nicole Jennings

Second place went to members of the Information Services department for their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume, complete with skit including

(LtR): VRSA Chief Information Officer Karen Inman, Director of Information Services Mary Kay Marchetti, Senior Data Analyst Kari Soniat, Project Manager Lisa Hart, Senior Software Engineer Judy Huang, and Business Analyst Shanice Cole

Happy Halloween from VRSA!