Staff Spotlight: Rose and Lora

This month’s staff spotlight features two VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) employees – Rose Mayo and Lora Robinson. Why? Because at VMLIP we can’t talk about Rose without talking about Lora, and vice-versa.

They both started with VMLIP within two years of each other as file processors for workers’ compensation and property and liability claims. Lora in January of 1999 and Rose in July of 2000.

Lora Robinson, VMLIP mail processor
As mail processor Lora handles express mail, certified mail, and regular mail. She provides all claims mail to Rose and distributes departmental mail appropriately.

Today Rose continues as a file processor and Lora works primarily as the mail processor – however, they frequently support each other in their duties, as well as supporting Jannie Butler on the switchboard.

In 15 years at VMLIP, Rose and Lora have seen a lot of technology changes, including the migration of VMLIP to a “paperless” environment. This involved learning to electronically scan documents into ImageNow. After Rose scans the documents into the system, Lora uses a program called NavRisk Claims to link the scanned documents from ImageNow to the correct claim, and then route the document to the assigned claims representative.

Additionally, Rose prints documents from ImageNow and photo copies documents from old paper files as they are needed for defense counsel referrals, rehabilitation or vocational referrals.

The paperless scanning process began in 2009.IMG_5096_February15

“It took a few months to get used to,” said Rose.

Otherwise, they both enjoy working at VMLIP.

“It’s the people, the atmosphere, and the teamwork,” said Lora.

Robin Duvall, director of workers’ compensation claims, counts herself lucky to have Rose and Lora on her team.

“I can rely on both of them to ensure coverage in the event of an unplanned as well as planned absences,” said Duvall. “They are the first to volunteer to assist in any project or in any department as needed. Both are extremely reliable, dedicated and dependable employees, and I consider myself lucky to have them on my team.”

Rose grew up in Goochland County and has been married for more than 20 years. She has one grown son, 23, and a granddaughter she adores.

Rose Mayo scanning workers' compensation and property and liability documents
Rose Mayo scanning workers’ compensation and property and liability documents

Lora grew up in Glen Allen and has a son, 18, and a daughter, 26.

Most days the two can be found upstairs watching the Young and the Restless in the break room during their lunch.

In their spare time, Rose likes to read mysteries and romances, and spend time with her granddaughter. Lora loves listening to R&B and pop music, and watching murder mysteries on the ID Channel. If you are looking for a good investigator, you might give her a call.

After retirement they both want to relax – Rose in Hawaii and Lora in the Bahamas.

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