School Safety Week: Active Shooter

According to the nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety, there have been 65 school shootings across campuses in the United States as of October 4. Unfortunately, the time to prepare for such an event is now.

VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) provides comprehensive risk management and mitigation services for schools, including:

  • The assistance of two former law enforcement officers to provide guidance on preparedness and Active Shooter Training;
  • Dedicated safety consultants to assist in physical assessments of member facilities;
  • Access to the VMLIP Online University for additional training on workplace violence and active shooter incidents; and
  • Access to the VMLIP Human Resources and Communications specialists for assistance with employee and public relations.

See flier.

Law Enforcement Services:

VMLIP’s Law Enforcement Specialist Gary Dillon works with many law enforcement agencies who provide resource officers to member schools. Gary has developed the following training course which can be provided to your school system.

Creating Safe Spaces, Trends in Threat Mitigation: More people seem willing to use violence to address their problems and express their grievances. Much of this violence spills over into workplaces and schools, and results in disgruntled workers, visitors, clients, patients, students, etc. resorting to violence as a means to resolve their problems.

This training session focuses on steps that schools can take to keep their facilities, employees and students as safe as possible. Preparation and planning will not solve the problem of school violence but can help ensure a better outcome for all involved.

To schedule, contact Gary Dillon at: 800-963-6800 or

VMLIP Online University:

  • Active Shooter Response for K-12 Employees, here
  • Active Shooter Response for the Workplace, here

Recorded Webinar:

  • School Safety and Security: This webinar discusses ways to utilize a multi-phase approach to health and safety planning. Thomas Bullock utilizes recommendations from the Arapahoe High School Shooting Report to provide tips toward creating meaningful, thoughtful, coordinated and aligned systems consistent with best practices outlined in the report. View it here.


  • Active Shooter: Helping Prevent Tragedy, here

Safety Consultants

Our most valuable training resource for members is the expertise provided by our safety consultants. At any time, VMLIP safety consultants are available to assist members with identifying and addressing risks.