Prepare now: Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your cyber security

When it comes to data breaches, it’s a matter of “when,” not “if.” And these incidents are not limited to the big names like Anthem, Target and Sony.

Cyber SecurityA public entity with weak data security practices is also vulnerable to a variety of potential threats, ranging from staff mistakes to rogue employees, to third-party vendors, malware and hackers.  This can result in thousands of records of personal information being lost.

Don’t think it’s happening to municipalities? The following are a few examples of real incidents that occurred to real municipalities:

  • City of Richmond, VA
    • 400 records
    • Staff mistake
    • A file containing the Social Security numbers of employees of the Richmond Fire Department was mistakenly made available to all department employees.
  • City of Sumner, WA
    • 3,600 records
    • Rogue employee
    • Temporary employee e-mailed herself the personal information of city employees.
  • City of Houston, TX
    • 5,000 records
    • Third-party vendor
    • A security breach at ADP may have exposed the names and Social Security numbers of almost 5,000 local government workers.

Sadly, if it can happen to these municipalities, it can happen to yours.

That’s why VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) is making March “Cyber Risk Awareness Month.” Throughout March, VMLIP will be exploring what your organization can do to mitigate your entity’s cyber risk.

Upcoming topics include: identifying your cyber strengths and weakness; shoring up gaps in your cyber defenses; estimating the cost of a data breach to your organization; and much more. We’ll also introduce a new version of the VMLIP eRiskHub® that is mobile optimized and contains even more tools to help you manage your cyber risk.

But don’t wait to take advantage of the eRiskHub®! There is already a lot of information and tools that can help you understand and mitigate cyber risk.

Directions for accessing the VMLIP eRiskHub® are available here.

For more information, look out for blogs, e-blasts, and other communications coming out this March.

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