Hurricanes, tornadoes, derecho’s – are you prepared for what may come this storm season?

Is your entity one of the 66 percent of VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) members without a business continuity plan in place?

Do you know where you would conduct business in the event your building was to become uninhabitable? Do you know how you will access computer hardware, telephones or communications equipment? Do you know what kind of generator you need to meet your power demands?

Disaster relief assistance

With the 2013 hurricane season around the corner, it is more important than ever to make sure your public entity is as prepared as it can be for potential impacts to your operations – whether they be natural disaster-related or not.

“VML Insurance Programs provides all members with property and LGL coverage with ReadySuite membership with Agility Recovery,” said Steve Craig, managing director of VMLIP. “Agility provides disaster recovery solutions – but more importantly they offer resources to help our members put together their continuity of operations plans.”

ReadySuite membership includes a password-protected account on myAgility, an online disaster recovery-planning tool available to all members with property coverage.

However many members have not taken advantage of this free tool.

MyAgility Logging into, and setting up your individual account gives you access to Agility’s Preparedness Plan template – a full recovery and continuity of operations plan framework – as well as numerous specific threat checklists and other planning resources to help build and enhance your plan.

“Even if you already have a disaster recovery/continuity of operations plan in place, Agility’s tools can be integrated into your existing plans for recovery,” says Continuity Planner Josh Smith, with Agility Recovery.

These documents, which contain critical information regarding your specific physical resource needs, are then secured within the myAgility system for secure, online access from anywhere, at anytime.

Upload existing plan documentation online so it can be accessed remotely during a critical event
Upload existing plan documentation online so it can be accessed remotely during a critical event

“Critical data stored in myAgility will help get your operations back up and running after an interruption as quickly as possible,” said Smith. “It allows Agility to provide the best support to you during an event because we will already know specifically what types of resources you need – from what type of generator you need to what types of computer hardware you require.”

If you have not already, VML Insurance Programs strongly encourages you to log into your myAgility account today and complete your ‘Recovery Profile’ tab.  Once you have entered that information, you can upload your existing plan documentation or download Agility’s Preparedness Plan template in the ‘myPlan’ tab.

Members were provided with a username and password to myAgility in the past, however if you cannot locate this information an Agility Member Services team member can assist you by calling their hotline at 1 (877) 364-9393 or by e-mailing:

“Agility’s Member Services team is also available for questions you may have about myAgility or anything else related to disaster recovery, continuity of operations and your ReadySuite membership,” said Smith.

More information on how to get started with Agility is available on the VMLIP website. For members without property coverage through VMLIP, learn more about this important service you could have if your entity had had all lines of coverage with VMLIP here.

Or – join Agility for a free webinar on Wednesday, May 22. Register here.

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