Tailored Coverages Include

  • Automobile
  • General Liability
  • Law Enforcement Liability
  • Public Officials’

More than just coverage

VRSA provides more than coverage. VRSA members are assigned a dedicated service team devoted to providing them with outstanding service. VRSA’s Risk Management Grant program provides support for members’ risk management efforts, including the cost of educational expenses for professional management, leadership, and governance training. VRSA members also have access to FREE, unlimited online training targeted to managers, supervisors, and employees through the VRSA Online University. This is in addition to frequent in-person trainings and virtual engagements.

VRSA Consulting

VRSA provides specialized consulting in the areas of human resources, local government, communication, and public safety. These consultants provide guidance and best practices designed to promote risk management and help members reduce the frequency and severity of losses.

Services include:

  • Human Resources: VRSA provides human resources (HR) consulting services to members with public officials’ liability coverage to assist in the mitigation of employment practices liability exposure.
  • Local Government: VRSA is proud to offer the consulting services and resources of a past town manager with more than 30 years of local government experience.
  • Communications Services: VRSA provides communications consulting services to members with public officials’ liability coverage to assist members in navigating the unique communications challenges of local governments.
  • Public Safety Services: VRSA provides risk consulting for law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services. Services include: on-site risk assessment; assistance developing fitness and wellness programs; liability training; Below 100 program training; loss and injury analysis; and more.