Emergency Spill Response Training with Alexandria Renew Enterprises

VRSA member employees work with chemical hazards and toxic substances every day, with the potential to cause significant injuries or even death if mishandled.

Are your employees prepared for a catastrophic chemical release or spill?

Recently, VRSA staff worked with AlexRenew, a water resource recovery utility, to provide Emergency Spill Response Training. The training is designed to inform staff of their entity policies as well as provide first-hand experience on how to actively address both serious and catastrophic spills, who to contact, how to address injuries, and how to conduct a proper spill clean-up.

“We wanted to make sure our employees are prepared in the case of having some kind of hazardous chemical spill,” said AlexRenew Security Coordinator Alex Rigsby. “We do work with a lot of hazardous chemicals on this site and we realize that if we do have something go wrong – that employees know how to respond to that safely to protect themselves, coworkers, vendors, neighborhoods, and the environment.”

To learn more about the training and how to protect your employees, see the video below or contact your VRSA risk services specialist.