Come on, get app-y!

According to the Pew Research Center, 56 percent of all adults have smartphones and 34 percent have a tablet. Many of these devices are employer-provided and offer an opportunity to put safety tools, quite literally, in the pocket of your employees.

Consider installing the following safety-related apps for your employees. Most are free or low-cost. If just one incident could be avoided through them, it would be worth it. Apps are available through Google Play or the iTunes store.

  • VDOT 511 AppVDOT 511 – Check for incidents, construction work and traffic camera feeds on your predetermined route. Do not use while driving! Apple App/Android App
  • Be Mobile Ready – The Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s new Ready Virginia mobile app and website give Virginians new ways to prepare and stay informed during emergencies. This free app provides emergency planning guidance. Apple App/Android App
  • FireSafe Family VA – Learn how to protect your family and home from fires and find out how prepared you are with a customizable safety plan, custom home mapping, safety meter, and games to help you brush up on safety. Apple App/Android App
  • Hybrid Auto Extrication Guide/Extricate– Know where to make your cut. This app provides diagrams of electrical and other potentially hazardous systems for most brands of hybrid vehicles to help emergency responders take proper precautions. Apple App/Android App
  • ICSCChemical Safety Data Sheets–ICSC – Provides safety data sheets for hundreds of chemicals used in the workplace, with acute hazards, prevention, first aid and firefighting included. Apple App/Android App
  • CMC Rescue Field Guide – Guidance for confined space entry and rescue. Useful for fire departments, utilities and others that enter confined spaces and/or perform rescues. Apple App/Android App
  • MUTCD – A PDF version of the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices is available for free download. This provides standards for work-zone setup including signs, markings, traffic signals, and more. Apple App/Android App
  • American Red Cross – First Aid App – Puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand. This app offers videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice. Apple App/Android App
  • Ladder Safety ApNIOSH Ladder Safety – This app contains information on ladder selection, inspection, setup and proper use. It also provides a measuring tool which allows you to hold your phone against the side rail of a ladder to check proper alignment. Apple App/Android App
  • OSHA Heat Safety Tool – Calculates the heat index based on temperature and humidity and provides precautions to take when working in hot environments. Also provides signs and symptoms of heat illness and first-aid measures. Apple App/Android App
  • American Red Cross Tornado App – Get your family, friends and co-workers ready for a tornado with this app that provides step-by-step instructions to help you know what to do in the event of a tornado. It also provides audible siren alerts when a tornado warning has been issued in any location in which you choose. Apple App/Android App
  • Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER) – Designed for emergency responders, this app lists hazards, personal protective equipment requirements, protective distances, fire procedures, HAZMAT information, and other data for many hazardous materials. Apple App/Android App
  • ErgonomicsErgonomics iOS application – Shows various stretching exercises and proper design of an office workstation. Apple App

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