Top Ten School Safety Tips

In recognition of Safe Schools Week, VRSA Senior Safety Consultant Fonda Craig toured Mountain View Elementary in Prince William County along with Safety Specialist Jim Honeycutt and Brian Antolick to search for hazards that could lead to injuries and common VOSH compliance issues.

Slips, trips and falls are top of the list, as are proper storage of combustible materials and the labeling of secondary containers, playground safety, clear access to electrical panels, overloading electrical outlets, and clearing sidewalks and other outdoor areas in times of inclement weather.

View the Ten School Safety Tips video below.

For additional information on safety in schools, VRSA members may visit the Find A Resource page on the VRSA website and type “School” in the search bar. There you will find a number of resources including a Top Ten School Safety Tips bulletin, as well as DVDs, modules, VRSA Online University Courses, and more.

VRSA School Safety Resources