Staff Spotlight: Karen Wall!

Have you taken advantage of one of the more than 450 resources, including videos and modules available in the VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) Multimedia Library? If so, you have probably heard of Karen Wall.

Karen has worked as a senior administrative assistant in the Safety Department at VMLIP for more than seven years. Fulfilling member requests through the VMLIP Online University is just one of the many things she does on a daily basis at VMLIP.

Karen plays a key role in ensuring major projects and campaigns – such as Where the Rubber Meets the Road campaign, are successful. She has developed databases to track participation and other key program data. She provides support for both member services and underwriting, and has taken on leadership roles with the internal wellness committee, producing a monthly newsletter for a number of years.

VMLIP Senior Administrative Assistant Karen Wall

She first began with VMLIP in 2007.

After earning a degree in mass communications from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Karen began her career at the university in the School of Information Services as an administrative assistant. From there she moved on to a position as the Director of Youth and Community Services for the Red Cross, a position she held for seven years.

She then worked as a corporate trainer and office manager for East Coast Oil, managed the Aquarian bookstore, and then worked for Community Based Services, an organization that operates group homes, as office manager for three years.

“I like having different responsibilities to make work interesting,” says Wall. “I like doing a variety of jobs, but being able to use the skillset I have developed for organizing and managing day-to-day operations.”

VMLIP Senior Administrative Assistant Karen Wall
VMLIP Senior Administrative Assistant Karen Wall

For the WTRMTR campaign, Wall coordinates getting materials to instructors, handling administrative functions such as ensuring books and supplies are in order, as well as data management to ensure members are keeping up with their campaign goals.

So far, her tenure at VMLIP has been the longest in her career.

“VMLIP is really a team,” she says. “When something needs to be done, someone does it. There is no ego involved. It’s all about helping out our members, and I enjoy being a member of this team.”

Karen sees her strengths as organization, thinking ahead, and seeing more than one aspect of a situation. She enjoys solving problems for members and getting them to the resources they need.

“Each of Karen’s co-workers rely heavily on Karen on a daily basis, as do many of our members. She is efficient, innovative, thoughtful, and always willing to help,” said Beth Rosenthal, Director of Safety Services.

“She has been the innovative force behind many of the programs and databases we use to track member activity – such as training records, campaigns or videos, or any of the other resources we offer.”

Halloween 2014: Wall and Senior Safety Consultant Fonda Craig dressed as "Safety Bulletins"
Halloween 2014: Wall and Senior Safety Consultant Fonda Craig dressed as “Safety Bulletins”

She enjoys getting to know members – “as people, not just members,” and vice-versa.

“I enjoy the relationship side of what we do – it’s part of the quality of what we do, that’s my favorite part.”

In her free time Karen takes on an inordinate amount of home improvement projects.

“We bought a fixer-upper and have re-done every single room,” she says. “It takes up a lot of time.”

She also enjoys reading, especially Maya Angelou, cross stitch, and swimming. Born and raised in Richmond, Karen lives in her fixer-upper with her partner of 17 years, Julie, and three cats – Vinnie, Chloe, and Sophia.

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