Safety contest winners revealed!

Several weeks ago we asked Facebook followers to submit their best safety tip – for “back to school” or for the general workplace.  

We received 11 submissions – some from VML Insurance Programs members and some from Facebook followers! The VML Insurance Programs safety team has ranked the top five below!

1)     As we approach the daylight savings changing the time to go back, morning travels will be dark.  This is the time to pay due diligence as our children return to school.  They are excited and may not be paying attention to traffic flow, so it is incumbent upon all motorists to be alert.  Make radio announcements.  Have all schools with electronic marquees post messages.  Utilize SCPS blackboard connect to send telephone messages to all parents about back to school and on the road safety. – Submitted by Margaret G. Hill, Stafford County Schools

2)     To prevent a slip, trips, or fall, TIE YOUR SHOES!!! – Submitted by Dyan Warren, Gloucester County

3)     Close upper drawers of cabinets/dressers before opening the lower drawers; prevent tipovers. – Submitted by Julia Bortle, City of Waynesboro

4)     Just one look, that’s all it takes to avoid slipping, tripping, and falling.  Remember PFW (proper foot wear) prevents STF (slips, trips, and falls).  Submitted by Ann Crigler Fondren, Spotsylvania County Schools

5)     Always have someone else in the office with you if you are working after hours. – Submitted by Michelle Davis Stivers, Southampton Department of Social Services

Each of these five submitters will receive a $20 gift card for school or office supplies!  Please consider sharing these important tips with your staff – perhaps they can help prevent an injury.

Only VMLIP Facebook followers and members/member employees were eligible to win; however, all followers were encouraged to submit.

Other tips we received included:

  • If you drive an older or commercial style vehicle which DOESN’T have daytime running lights (headlights on all the time), don’t forget to turn on your lights during inclement weather. Also, don’t forget to turn them back off to avoid a dead battery. – Mike Beavers
  • To prevent falls: always push your chair in when you get up. – Audrey Caldwell
  • Make certain you always close file cabinet drawers when you are finished! – Donna Legg Knupp
  • Before you start ask yourself “What would mom tell me to do?” Mom’s are natural protectors and usually give pretty good advice, so before you start your next task or project, ask yourself “What would mom tell me to do to be safe?” – Bart Johnson
  • Safety tip – PUT YOUR PHONES DOWN AND LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING! In the car or walking down the street this is something we all need to be more cautious about. Be aware of your surroundings before you or someone else gets hurt!” – Jaime Iacobellis
  • Don’t text message while walking… OR driving! – G. David Baker

For more safety tips visit the VML Insurance Programs web site at:!  Winners, be on the lookout for gift cards coming your way soon!

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