City of Manassas holds backhoe rodeo for National Safety Month

Operating large machinery is a part of daily life for many VRSA members.

Recently, in recognition of National Safety Month, the City of Manassas put together a backhoe rodeo event designed to engage employees in an interactive training environment while allowing employees to put their hands on machinery controls in a supervised training environment.

VRSA Senior Safety Consultant Vinny Gallo attended the event.

“For each piece of machinery, participants were scored in four events,” said Gallo. “Participants were scored based on the time to complete the challenge minus deductions for infractions. The individual with the lowest amount of time and least infractions wins.”

Rodeo safety events are not only a great way to build technical and safety skills among your employees, but are also great for team building.

If your entity is interested in putting together an event such as this, VRSA is here to help. The VRSA Risk Services team can help you design and implement a rodeo that will improve skills, build teams, and increase safety in your departments. For more information, visit: