Change is coming once again to the Risk Management Guidelines (RMG)

Changes are in effect beginning July 1 for the 2013 – 2014 Risk Management Guidelines (RMG) assessment.

RMG Assessment Changes While some aspects of the assessment will change, many will remain the same. Some items remaining unchanged include:

  • Easy electronic access to your assessment via the VML Insurance Programs website.
  • Immediate score tabulation as you post your updates so you can measure your progress.
  • Annual update required for nine key components.  Each year on July 1, nine questions will automatically reset, requiring the member to verify, by date, your position with regard to each.  This affects elements such as annual training, update of physician panels, policy reviews etc.
  • Key risk management areas included in the assessment include program oversight; policy statements; workers’ compensation claim management; driver selection; risk management compliance; self inspections; incident investigations; driver training; internal training; safety committee; vehicle accident review; safety awareness; and workshop attendance.  Some or all of these functional areas may or may not be included in your assessment based on your coverage and premium size.
  • Tier categories remain as Tier I combined program premiums less than $28,000 Tier II combined premiums between $28,000 and $125,000 and Tier III combined premiums over $125,000. Members select their appropriate tier before updating the questionnaire in order to populate their questions.
  • Members still have the ability to select N/A for questions relating to coverage for which they do not purchase through VMLIP

What has changed:

  • Elimination of duplicate questions that are reflected on your renewal application;
  • Consolidation of questions relating to return to work and physician panels;
  • New questions regarding personnel manuals, job descriptions, and training relating to employee performance management; and
  • One new question regarding cell phone policies for drivers.

The revised assessment will require annual updates from members in order to qualify for valuable premium credits. For more information, contact your entity’s safety consultant at (800) 963-6800.

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