Bridgewater Police Department Utilizes VRSA’s Public Safety Services

Bridgewater Police Chief Joe Simmons began his career with the town in 1998. By 2011, he was serving as chief of police.

“I want everyone in my department to know we are a team here to perform a public mission of public safety and service to the community,” said Chief Simmons. “I find it necessary to show from bottom to the top that we understand why we are here.”

In meeting that mission, Simmons has utilized the services of VRSA Public Safety Specialist Gary Dillon – who has a background in law enforcement. Recently, the chief asked Dillon to review their policy manual.

“With today’s climate, it is vital that we have a document that is clear and precise to our officers, easy to understand and effective – the most updated procedure to follow,” said Simmons. “I wanted a third party to look at our policy A to Z to see what our deficiencies were and act upon them.”

Learn more about how the Bridgewater Police Department utilizes VRSA’s public safety services in the video below.

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