Basics of Confined Space Entry

Every day VRSA member employees are expected to work in and around confined spaces. These spaces can include manholes, tanks, water basins, and other spaces that could be dangerous.

A confined space is any space that meets the following criteria:

  1. It is large enough to bodily enter and perform work.
  2. It has a limited means of egress, loosely defined as having to enter the space by any other means than just “walking in.”
  3. The space is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.

VRSA has assisted many members through specific confined space courses as well as offering train-the-trainer courses on the OSHA standards regarding permit-required confined spaces.

These courses are designed to help employees understand the unique hazards and entry requirements for confined space entry, as well as how to effectively utilize hazard prevention techniques to create a safe entry.

For information on these classes and how they can be added to your plan, please reach out to your VRSA Safety Consultant.