VRSA partners with DCJS for Virginia School Safety Training Forum

VRSA is proud to again support the 2023 Virginia School Safety Training Forum, to be held in Hampton on July 24 – 27. The forum, organized by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) in partnership with VRSA, the Office of the Attorney General, the Virginia Department of Education, the Virginia Association for School Superintendents, and the Virginia D.A.R.E. Association, invites attendees whose roles involve ensuring schools are safe places to work and learn.

“More than 250,000 children in Virginia’s schools are in divisions covered by VRSA,” said VRSA Managing Director Marcus Hensel. “We are committed to participating in discussions of how we can work together to ensure the safety of not only the students but the teachers and staff in all of Virginia’s schools.”

The forum will be attended by nearly 1,000 participants in the field of school and division leadership, school security, law enforcement, PreK-12 counseling and mental health, and more.

The theme of the forum is Fostering a Culture of Trust, Collaboration, Awareness, and Safety. 

During this event, participants will have the opportunity to hear from renowned experts on a multitude of topics related to school safety. Topics include K-12 Basic Behavior Threat Assessment and Management, Basics of School Security for SSOs and School Administrators, Poverty’s Impact on the Brain, and more.

To learn more about the engaging speakers and sessions, view the 2023 Virginia School Safety Training Forum webpage.