VRSA donates to Tech for Troops

As technology reaches its end of life, organizations must consider how to donate or destroy hardware while ensuring sensitive data is thoroughly erased.

VRSA recently donated outdated technology to Tech for Troops, a nonprofit organization based in Richmond that turns donations into training, education, and technology for veterans and their families in need.

Tech for Troops collects depreciated technology, refurbishes them, and provides the refreshed technology, along with training, to veterans in need.

VRSA “chose to donate to Tech for Troops as a way for VRSA to give back to those who have served our community,” said VRSA Chief Information Officer Karen Inman. “Over the past several years, we’ve donated a variety of equipment to them – things that have gone beyond their useful life for VRSA, such as computers, monitors, printers, and even networking equipment, have been used to support their program.”

For more information on Tech for Troops, watch the video above or visit: www.techfortroops.org.