OSHA-300 Log Application eases members’ worries

OSHA-300 logs are due each year in February – and for many, this reporting process can seem tedious and confusing. Determining what types of incidents must be reported can be difficult – and mistakes could result in OSHA inspections, reviews, or scrutiny.

In 2020, VRSA launched an OSHA-300 Reporting Log application, and since then more than 160 members have utilized the application to file their reports. The application is available to members purchasing workers’ compensation coverage at no additional cost as part of VRSA’s commitment to service and easing our members’ worries.

Features of the application include:

  • Secure, permission-based access for designated individuals;
  • Nightly imports of workers’ compensation (WC) claims data to streamline data entry;
  • The ability to flag an incident as recordable/non-recordable;
  • The ability to flag privacy cases;
  • The ability to create incidents that are not WC related/reported;
  • The ability to apply required OSHA coding, including days away from work and restricted days;
  • The ability to track incidents by OSHA departments/locations;
  • The ability to print the OSHA log for your annual posting; and
  • The ability to export information for record-keeping purposes.

For more information on the application, contact your safety consultant or view the video below.