OSHA-300 deadline looms, but VRSA can help!

It’s time again! The Feb. 2 deadline to file the OSHA-300A log is quickly approaching, but VRSA can help.

The OSHA-300 and 300 A are used to track injury and illness data by organizations meeting specified size and industry criteria. Each year, data from this log is collected by OSHA to evaluate the safety of a workplace, to understand industry hazards, and to implement worker protections to reduce and eliminate hazards.

VRSA’s OSHA-300 Reporting Log is available to members purchasing workers’ compensation coverage at no additional cost. The application is designed to simplify the process of tracking OSHA incidents.

Features of the application include:

  • Secure, permission-based access for designated individuals;
  • Nightly imports of workers’ compensation (WC) claims data to streamline data entry;
  • The ability to flag an incident as recordable/non-recordable;
  • The ability to flag privacy cases;
  • The ability to create incidents that are not WC-related/reported;
  • The ability to apply OSHA-required information, including days away from work and restricted days;
  • The ability to track incidents by OSHA departments/locations;
  • The ability to print the OSHA log for your annual posting; and
  • The ability to export information for record-keeping purposes.

Since the application launched four years ago, more than 237 members have logged reports into the application, finding that not only did it save time, but the process was “easy,” “seamless,” and even, “amazing.”

Additional information and a link to the application can be found online here.

Note: Covered establishments must electronically submit their OSHA injury and illness data (Forms 300A, 300, and 301 data) by March 2 of the year following the covered year. However, not all establishments need to submit this data.

To determine if your establishment must submit data to OSHA electronically, please contact your VRSA Safety Consultant at: 800-963-6800. Our risk consultants are available to assist members in preventing and reducing incidents and injuries.

VRSA Risk Services Consultants Fonda Craig, Christine Gillison, and Edward Shelton