Member home page navigation changes coming Feb. 1

A new look to the VRSA member home page is coming on Feb. 1!

Currently, the global navigation for VRSA’s public website remains at the top of the page after logging in to the member website.  Member only resources are accessed through the yellow “MyVRSA” drop-down menu.  Feedback indicates having two menus on one page is confusing.

On Feb. 1, the global public navigation menu will be removed from the member home page and replaced with a link in the top left to return to the public site.  All items currently available on the gold “MyVRSA” menu will be moved to the top of the member pages.

A few menu items in the MyVRSA menu will be renamed and/or consolidated to make items easier to find:

  • Consulting Services will be renamed Services
  • Find A Resource will be moved under Training
  • The VRSA Multimedia Library will be moved under Training
  • Comp Care On-Call will be moved under Claims
  • First-Fill Prescription will be moved under Claims
  • A direct link to Submit A New Claim will be added under Claims
  • Dashboards will be moved under Claims
  • Monthly Reports will be moved under Claims
  • Underwriting will be renamed Policy Admin
  • My Documents will be moved to Policy Admin
  • Finance will be renamed Payments and moved under Policy Admin
  • A direct link to the RMG Assessment will be added under Policy Admin

Additionally, the new home page will provide space for the latest news and information at the top.

The “News and Updates” section, “I want to” menu, and “At A Glance” area will remain.

For more information on these changes, or if you have questions, contact your Member Services representative.