2023 Annual Meeting spotlights the Town of Herndon’s focus on site inspections

VRSA is here to protect our members and their employees so they may effectively serve their communities. One way we do this is through our risk services. Staff conduct site inspections at the request of members to help identify potential issues and recommend solutions.

This helps protect not only member employees from injury and property from damage – but also protects citizens in your community, as well as your entity’s reputation.

At this year’s virtual annual meeting, you will hear from Risk Manager Roxann Fox Simkins with the Town of Herndon, on the importance of conducting regular site inspections, and how VRSA assisted through the mock OSHA inspection program.

“It was like being immersed in an OSHA-10 class but it was hands-on,” said Simkins. “At every single turn I was being taught in a hands-on way about looking at this, and what do you think about this, and could this code match that.”

Since the initial mock inspection with VRSA, Simkins and Herndon Operations Manager Christine Mason have begun conducting their own inspections throughout the town, and VRSA Safety Consultant Christine Gillison recently joined them.

Join Roxann, Christine Mason and Christine Gillison as they venture throughout the Town of Herndon inspecting various facilities open to the public and staff, and learn how you can begin conducting routine inspections at the VRSA Annual Meeting, Friday, May 5, at 10 a.m.

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