“Property in the Open” – It adds up!

What is “Property in the Open?”

To put it simply, Property in the Open is an item not affixed to a building. VRSA’s property form automatically covers property in the open within 1,000 feet of a covered building. However, many items of value are outside of those perimeters – yet they are still items you would want to be replaced in case of a property loss.

Examples include bleachers, fencing, lighting, tees and greens, docks, and playground and park equipment.

Bleachers are an example of “Property in the Open”

VRSA recognizes the importance of property in the open and schedules it independently of building and contents. Our property appraisal company, HCA, includes property in the open in their physical appraisals and provides details of what is specifically covered under that heading at any one location.

Currently, VRSA insures more than $565,000,000 of property in the open values. If you have any questions about what should be covered under property in the open, or wish to schedule additional property,  please contact your member service representative or underwriter.