Practical Advice for Employee Loss Prevention

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, VRSA Director of Human Resources Tina Stevens will be hosting the Recruiting and Hiring in Today’s Market webinar, focused on providing resources to generate qualified candidates and what candidates are looking for in today’s market.  Attendees will also learn how to: recognize legal issues related to interviewing and hiring; develop good interview questions; conduct successful interviews; and how to take precautions to prevent discrimination through the recruitment and hiring processes.

On the HR Helpful Links page, VRSA members will find a booklet entitled Practical Advice for Employee Loss Prevention, designed to assist local government officials in reducing exposure to employment related lawsuits. An effective employment liability prevention program sensitizes management to the laws governing employment-related claims, develops effective policies and procedures to encourage productivity in the workplace, deters litigation and assists in mounting a strong defense in the event that litigation occurs.

For more information, visit the HR Services page here!