New telemedicine provider brings additions to panel of physicians

Did you know that VRSA provides telemedicine as an option on the panel of physicians for treating certain work-related injuries? Through telemedicine, work-related claims can be reported utilizing our CompCare On-Call nurse triage and reporting service.

Many injured workers have resolved their injuries through telemedicine consults without a physical visit to the emergency room or urgent care facility – saving time and money.

VRSA’s telemedicine provider, Concentra operates 14 facilities throughout Northern Virginia, Richmond, and the Tidewater area. These have all been added to the panel of physicians for members in these areas.

For those utilizing telemedicine, the change to a new provider is seamless. Injured workers should continue reporting incidents through our CompCare On-Call nurse triage and reporting service at (877) 234-0898. Select the option to speak with a registered nurse, who will coordinate the telemedicine visit with the employee and physician, when telemedicine treatment is appropriate and selected by the employee.  Telemedicine services continue to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To access telemedicine services, injured workers will need a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a webcam and microphone, photo ID, an active email address, internet access, and a quiet area for privacy.

Common workplace injuries treated through telemedicine include abrasions, back pain, burns and rashes, chemical exposure, contusions, and sprains/strains.

The name of the new telemedicine provider will be updated on member’s panels as they come up for review.
Additional information regarding VRSA’s telemedicine program is available online. For more information, reach out to your entity’s assigned workers’ compensation adjuster.