EPLAssist offers video on preventing workplace harassment

Members of VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) purchasing Public Officials’ Liability coverage have access to EPLAssist, an online resource for employers to use in navigating employment law.

EPLAssist has just added a video on workplace harassment prevention complete with a certificate of completion. The video can be used in providing training to all employees and may assist in mitigating employment related claims. Both state and federal courts have recognized legal defenses to certain claims of harassment and discrimination for employers that adopt comprehensive harassment and discrimination policies and provide training to their employees.

The 25 minute training video is available online and can be presented to all current and new employees at your convenience. Available in both English and Spanish, the video covers the essential elements of harassment training and prevention, and to help employers keep a record of who was trained, what they were trained on, and when, a downloadable certificate of completion is offered at the end of the video.

Watch a preview here.