EPL Assist transitions to HR ExecSupport

This July 1, EPL Assist transitioned to a new name: HR ExecSupport.

The service, provided at no additional cost to VRSA members purchasing Public Officials’ Liability Coverage, will continue to provide members with access to the nation’s leading employment and labor law firm, Littler Mendelson P.C. 

Through HR ExecSupport, eligible members have access to:

  • Employment law hotline advice: 844-849-0588
  • Human resources form library
  • Employment law news & analysis
  • Littler GPS™ online research tool
  • Government forms and state employment law guides
  • Employment law seminars and webinars
  • HR policy and document library
  • Employment law compliance guides
  • Employment law reference manuals

HR ExecSupport is provided to members purchasing public officials’ liability coverage as part of VRSA’s human resources consulting services. HR consulting is designed to assist in the mitigation of employment practices’ liability exposure.

VRSA Director of Human Resources Tina Stevens offers additional services, such as material review, sample policies and procedures, personalized consultations on HR subjects including the Family Medical Leave Act, virtual engagements, workshops, on-site training, and more.

To learn more about HR ExecSupport and how to access it, visit the HR Consulting page.