Changes and Trends in Law Enforcement


To view a recording of this presenation, please click here. This one-hour virtual presentation will discuss changes and trends in law enforcement, including issues related to FOIA, use of force, mental illness, citizen involvement, and qualified immunity.

Inclusivity and Team Practices


Join VRSA’s Inclusion Resident Dr. Robin Stacia for a virtual discussion exploring how advancing and supporting diversity and inclusivity strengthens your teams and organization’s culture. This virtual training session will focus on how to integrate inclusion within your organization’s operations …

Webinar: Verbal De-Escalation and Crisis Communication Skills to Diffuse and Re-Direct Conflict Behavior


To view a recording of this webinar, please click here. There is a growing need to learn verbal conflict and crisis communication skills. When verbal encounters become adversarial and escalate, they can often lead to controversial use of force issues, or …

Webinar: Responding to Persons in Crisis


To view a recording of this webinar, please click here. This training is designed to help law enforcement, corrections, emergency medical technicians, firefighters and others understand and respond to individuals who may be experiencing a mental health crisis.