VRSA bylaws amended to facilitate virtual/hybrid meetings and elections

While we are moving toward in-person meetings, the 2021 VRSA Annual Meeting will be held virtually on Friday, May 7. At its February 19 meeting, the VRSA Members’ Supervisory Board adopted two changes to the bylaws to facilitate a virtual meeting in 2021, as well as hybrid meetings in the future.

The first is in Article II, Section 5 (B), which provides that the board may permit electronic meetings and noting that participants are considered present if participating electronically. The second change is in Article III, Section 2 (E) and defaults to no nominations from the floor unless the board votes to permit them. Two technical amendments are in Article 2, Section 7(C) and Article 2, Section 8 (A).

We look forward to your joining us on May 7, for the 2021 Annual Meeting, and in-person as soon as possible.