Site inspection in the Town of Herndon takes spotlight at 2023 Annual Meeting

The Town of Herndon took center stage this May during the 2023 Annual Meeting through a feature video highlighting the town’s work with VRSA to perform site inspections.

The video follows Herndon Risk Manager Roxann Fox-Simkins and Operations Manager Christine Mason as VRSA Safety Specialist Christine Gillison conducted a mock OSHA site inspection.

Gillison, who previously worked for VOSH, not only conducted the inspection but provided information on OSHA standards and guidelines throughout the process.

“As we walked through – it was like being immersed in an OSHA-10 class but it was hands-on,” said Simkins. “At every single turn I was being taught in a hands-on way about look at this, what do you think about that? The education that’s provided as you walk through the day is unlike anything you could experience anywhere else.”

As a result of the VRSA mock OSHA inspections, Simkins and Mason have begun conducting their own internal inspections throughout the town. This, in addition to regular inspections with assistance from VRSA, is all part of the ongoing risk management process.

The video also highlights what happens after an inspection.

“We got a spreadsheet that captured everything methodically line-by-line,” said Simkins. “IT had codes, it had a risk owner column, it had follow-up dates so you are able to go out there and take care of everything and have a tracking system at your fingertips.”

To learn more about VRSA’s risk services and how they can help protect your community and employees, view the full video below.