RMG assessment: 2016 changes overview

Each year members with a combined premium of $15,000 or more are asked to complete the online Risk Management Guidelines (RMG) assessment. The assessment is devised to gauge the members’ risk management program efforts against industry best practices, and to serve as a foundation for members to address many key risk management areas.

The goal of the assessment is to achieve a 100 percent score, indicating that the member is meeting or exceeding all of the requested program requirements based on premium and coverage choices.

Members who achieve 100 percent may earn a 5 percent credit on their annual premium.

The RMG assessment should be reviewed by members annually. Each year, several requirements “zero-out,” meaning members will need to login to update these questions to ensure your entity is still receiving credit for these answers.

This year, more questions than in previous years have zeroed-out. Additionally several questions have been deleted, several have been added, and many have had their wording changed to clarify previous questions received my members. An overview of the new questions on the assessment is listed below.

New Questions:

  • 1.1c: Does the chief administrative officer or governing body support the safety/risk management program through budget appropriations and adoption of the entity’s policies and procedures?
  • 1.1e: Is safety and risk management orientation training conducted for all new hires?
  • 1.1f: Is there consistent reinforcement of training that has been conducted on safety and risk management policies and procedures?
  • 3.1a: Is the panel of physicians being offered after each reported workplace incident?
  • 3.1b: Are all workers’ compensation claims (including record only) reported online or through NT24?
  • 3.2a: Have all employees been provided a first-fill prescription card at the time of injury?
  • 3.3a: Are all injured employees offered light/modified duty within their restrictions?
  • 4.2d: Is there training on your vehicle use policy that addresses personal use, non-employee use, or permission for passengers, and hands-free use of mobile communication devices? (If you don’t have a policy in place, answer NO to this question.)
  • 11.1a: Do you have a written program that directs the mission of your safety committee?
  • 15.1a: Do at least 25 percent of your employees utilize online training to meet your safety and risk management goals?

For more information on the RMG assessment, check out the “How to Score 100% on Your RMG Assessment” guide here, or contact your safety consultant.