New podcast alert: In the Line of Fire with Gary Dillon

Looking for a new podcast for your morning drive? Spend your commute with VRSA Public Safety Specialist Gary Dillon through his new podcast, In The Line of Fire with Gary Dillon.

The first episode premiered in July and new episodes are available every other week. So far, Dillon has released eight episodes, available on Apple Podcasts, Google, and many other podcasting platforms.

“I was recently interviewed for a podcast for my role as fire chief in my community,” said Dillon. “The host suggested that I start my own podcast featuring public safety personnel. After considerable thought and encouragement from VRSA leadership, In the Line of Fire with Gary Dillon was born.”

Episodes typically feature individuals in the public safety field or public safety topics. Dillon has interviewed retired Secret Service Agent Allan Dillon – his father! – as well as retired FBI Agent John Flood. He has also dedicated several episodes to Retired West Point Police Chief Bobby Mawyer’s investigation into the disappearance of Elsie Mae Roane.

Future topics will include women in law enforcement, the tragic shooting of Norton Police Chief James Lane and the aftermath, Virginia’s Law Enforcement Assistance Program, a local fire chief, a retired FBI agent who infiltrated and took down a mafia crime family, a New York Times best selling author, and the New Market Police Department’s new service dog – Benelli.

“VRSA supports and protects those who protect our communities,” says VRSA Director of Education and Training Thomas Bullock. “As a former law enforcement officer and active chief with his local volunteer fire department, we know Gary will provide a unique insight and perspective in the stories he tells through this podcast.”

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