New Cybersecurity Assessment online

Bad actors continue to target public entities, exploit victims, and cause disruption through cybersecurity attacks.

VRSA offers cybersecurity resources and services to help you identify and implement controls.

We have recently released a new cybersecurity assessment application to replace the YourCISO tool previously available.

This assessment allows members to evaluate in-place controls against current industry standards.

Upon completion, members will be directed to a dashboard that provides a visual representation of the assessment, including security gaps and areas that can be improved.

“It is important for local public entities to evaluate existing in-place controls and examine additional controls to reduce the likelihood and impact of a cybersecurity incident,” said VRSA Managing Director Marcus Hensel.

The assessment can be accessed via the Cyber Resources page.

VRSA was the first group self-insurance pool in the Commonwealth to provide cyber protections, and we continue to update these protections to meet member needs as the cybersecurity environment evolves. Our financial strength allows us to offer cybersecurity protections with stable pricing to ease our members’ worries.

Please discuss any questions or concerns with us as we continue to tailor our broadest protections and limits to meet your entity’s coverage expectations. Questions about the assessment? Reach out to VRSA Managing Director Marcus Hensel at: 800-963-6800.