Mind the Gap: Getting covered for FY25

Are we covered for this activity?

What limits should we have?

Are volunteers covered?

These were a few questions posed by members during last year’s Getting Covered for FY24 virtual engagement held last January.

During the engagement, Director of Underwriting Cathie Moreland-Hasty and Managing Director Marcus Hensel presented an overview of protections offered by VRSA, including automobile, liability, no-fault property, workers’ compensation, and more.

As the 2024 – 2025 renewal season begins, it’s important to not only review your coverage carefully – but to take time to reflect on your organization’s operations and environment.

“The best way to ensure you are properly covered is to talk with us,” says VRSA Director of Underwriting Cathie Moreland-Hasty. “Our coverage specialists are here and available to help. If you have a unique exposure it is likely something we have come across before in a similar situation.”

With the broadest property and liability coverages tailored to our members and their governing bodies’ interests, we are here to ease our members’ worries.

“Throughout the renewal season, I also encourage you to take note of the services we provide as well,” said Moreland-Hasty. “We deliver so much more than insurance.”

Moreland-Hasty and Hensel will be presenting together again this year on Wednesday, Jan. 31. Information and registration are linked below.

Mind the Gap: Getting Covered for FY25

  • Date & Time: Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2 – 3 p.m.
  • Presenters: Cathie Moreland-Hasty, VRSA Director of Underwriting; Marcus Hensel, VRSA Managing Director

Join VRSA for an interactive virtual session, providing an overview of coverage parts and protections available to members. Director of Underwriting Cathie Moreland-Hasty and Managing Director Marcus Hensel will review commonly asked questions and areas of importance. They will incorporate your questions into their presentation, and we will actively monitor questions during the session.Register Here

Renewal questionnaires have recently been distributed. Information received allows our coverage specialists to review each entity’s unique exposures and ensure the proper protections are in place. Proposals are released in the spring, in the order in which renewal information is received, and include price information as well as paperwork required for binding so members can plan their budgets effectively.

There’s being covered, and then there’s being taken care of.