Expanded training and event calendar launches

VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) is pleased to announce enhancements to our Training and Event Calendar.  Members may notice a new look and additional improvements designed to make it easier for members to attend our events.

While the registration process may look different, the improved version will provide the same fields of entry you are used to, and will automatically fill-in fields for the person creating the registration – based on your login information.

Additional features now available include:

  • Ability to add additional registrations for your coworkers/employees for an event;
  • Ability to view a list of all employees that you registered for an event, and those that you previously registered but may have canceled for an event;
  • Ability to view a listing of all employees from your entity that are registered for an event – for certain events only;

  • Ability to cancel registrations you have made for yourself and coworkers/employees in the case that you and/or your coworkers/employees are unable to attend;

  • A new “waitlist” capability for our most popular events, to help add attendees in the case of another attendee canceling;
  • Automatic e-mail notifications have been expanded – and will include registration confirmations to all members registered for an event, regardless of who registered them;
  • E-mail confirmations will include an attached .icl and .ical file for ease in adding events to your personal calendar; and
  • Automatic e-mail reminders will be sent prior to events for all those who have registered.

VMLIP has migrated all existing events and registrations to our new system – so no action is needed on your part. The new system is designed to make it easier for members to attend events and training sessions.

We welcome your feedback on these changes. Please e-mail: events@vmlins.org with questions, comments or concerns. Thank you.