City of Emporia recognized on the VRSA Gold Star List!

This quarter, we recognize the City of Emporia as one of the more than 100 members to make the Gold Star List. The list is reported quarterly to recognize members who have reported their workers’ compensation claims within three days of injury.

Making the Gold Star List signifies that a member is not only reporting but also treating employees in a timely manner from the date of their injury.

City Manager and VRSA Members’ Supervisory Board Member William Johnson III says that keeping employees safe and managing workers’ compensation claims appropriately is an important part of being able to serve the community.

“If our employees are safe, our citizens are safe. If our employees are safe, our costs stay down,” said Johnson. “We want to be safe and be good stewards of our equipment and ourselves, and stay healthy.”

Human Resources Specialist Wendy Futrell agrees.

“It’s a testament to how well we provide safety and the wellbeing of our employees and how we look out for them,” said Futrell.

Timely reporting and treatment help make things go right for both the injured employee – with quicker treatment – and their employer – with fewer staff absences as a result of injury.

(LtR): VRSA Indemnity Claims Representative Tracy Christian; City of Emporia Human Resource Specialist Wendy Futrell; Assistant to the City Manager Lori Jarrett; VRSA Medical-Only Claims Representative Scott Lewis; City Manager William Johnson III

In addition to better outcomes and lower costs, timely reporting also has an impact on preventing additional incidents.

“What gets measured, gets improved,” said Assistant to City Manager Lori Jarrett.

Members recognized for timely reporting this quarter can be found here.

If you have questions about the Gold Star List or ways your entity can lower costs and get employees back to health, please contact your assigned workers’ compensation adjuster at: 800-963-6800.