Special events – special liabilities

Local political subdivisions are designed to serve their communities. At times, community members may request to use public property to host events.  For events held on premises that are owned and/or operated by local political subdivisions, for example a town hall meeting room, VRSA provides access to a Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Program (TULIP).

TULIP is a low-cost insurance policy that protects both the “tenant user” and the local government. The policy applies to bodily injury or property damage arising out of the use of the local government’s premises by tenant users.

The program is designed to provide liability insurance protection for tenant users for their event on your property.  It also protects the local political subdivision by naming your entity as an additional insured.  VRSA recommends members utilize the TULIP program for all tenant users who lack adequate insurance for their event.

One member who has utilized the TULIP program is NOVA Parks. VRSA Director of Member Services Marcus Hensel met with NOVA Parks Risk Manager Derric Bolton to discuss their program in the video below.

Premium costs are paid by the Tenant User. Coverage can be written for events that are one day or last for several days.  Coverage Includes:

  • Premises operations;
  • Products/completed operations;
  • Contractual liability;
  • Broad form property damage;
  • Personal injury liability;
  • Third-party personal property; and
  • Liquor liability is optional.

Limits are outside cost of defense – therefore, cost of defense is an addition to the limit of liability for any coverage. The local government is an “additional insured” for each covered event, and VRSA members are registered with the program. Tenant Users obtain insurance directly through the program by requesting the Venue ID code of the public body or searching for the Venue which is the name of the public body.

From there, the Tenant User answers a few basic questions and receives an online quote. If they decide to purchase coverage, they can pay online and the coverage is bound. A Certificate of Insurance is automatically sent to the local government, Tenant User, and broker.


For more information about TULIP, visit the VRSA website at: www.vrsa.us.