Panel of physicians coordinator

As a service to our members, the Virginia Risk Sharing Association (VRSA) creates panels of physicians for our members and updates them annually.

Administrative Specialist Robin Wiley handles these tasks for our members.  In her role of panel of physicians coordinator, she contacts medical providers at least annually and confirms the following;

  • the medical provider’s interest in participating on our panels;
  • the medical provider’s location(s) and phone numbers;
  • names of the physicians in the practice;
  • whether a full-time physician(s) is on site (medical facilities that only have nurse practitioners and / or physician assistants, do not qualify as valid panel providers); and
  • whether the medical provider will see injured employees as promptly as possible on the same day of injury.

Robin also maintains our panel of physicians database that stores our members’ panels and specialist lists.  Contact Robin when assistance is needed with updating your panel of physicians. Robin can be reached by calling 1-800-963-6800, Ext. 7313, direct dial 804-237-7313, or via e-mail at