City of Manassas Park utilizes VRSA grant funds for continuing education

Christopher Himes, Assistant to City Manager at the City of Manassas Park, began his career with the city in June of 2019. He previously worked in private industry and as a naval officer and aviator in the United States Navy.

“I was interested in public service when I was serving in the military,” said Himes. “Coming from federal side, you don’t get to see the fruition of your labor – local government is the opposite – it affords you to see rapid change if you are correctly implementing it and seeing it through. That was exciting to see.”

Himes received his Master of Public Administration from the University of Southern California, however once he began his career in Virginia he elected to continue his education on Virginia local government through the Virginia Local Governmental Management certificate program at Virginia Tech.

Through VRSA Risk Management Grants, the city was able to fund Himes’ tuition in this program. Learn more in the video below!