VML 2020 Local Champion Awards

The Virginia Municipal League will be presenting “2020 Local Champion” awards to highlight the hard work that our localities and their officials and employees are doing to keep their citizens safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Categories include: Communication, Community Health, Continuity of Operations, Economic and Business Stability, Public Safety, Risk Management, and Education and Youth Initiatives.

As a member of the Virginia Risk Sharing Association, you may be or know someone who should be considered for a “2020 Local Champion” recognition.

In particular, the Risk Management award is designed for an individual or group who excelled in protecting their organization’s employees, and/or mitigating liability and/or property exposures. Examples include identifying, assessing and controlling threats to your locality’s capital and earnings, investments and diversification, IT security threats, and data-related risks, and/or implementing effective risk management strategies to alleviate any of those threats.

For each submission, be prepared to provide:

  • The person, project, organization or department you want to nominate;
  • A description of what they have done and why you feel they merit consideration; and
  • Links to supporting materials.

VRSA members who belong to the Virginia Municipal League are encouraged to apply so that your important work in risk management can be highlighted and recognized. As we are committed to protecting members’ assets through risk management, our staff is available to assist any member that chooses to apply.

Nominations are accepted online through August 15, 2020.