Virtual Learning and Martinsville City Schools

Like many school systems today, Martinsville City Schools provides technology to students to enhance their learning. And, like many school systems today – Martinsville City Schools is relying on these devices heavily as instruction has moved online due to COVID-19.

VRSA Senior Account Executive Lisa Schenk recently spoke with Martinsville City Schools Director of Technology Steve Tatum about this transition.

“One of the goals in our comprehensive plan is academic excellence – and the first objective is to develop learning experience that will develop a ‘Profile of a Virginia Graduate,'” said Martinsville City Schools Director of Technology Steve Tatum. “Just staying with the traditional lecture textbook method doesn’t get the job done in the world we are in today – we are trying to educate and prepare students for jobs that aren’t even there yet.”

Previously, the school system provided devices which students used and kept on campus and in classrooms, presenting less risk to the devices than when used in the home. However, as the school system moved to online instruction this fall, they had to prepare for devices to be sent home.

The school system added VRSA’s Portable Computers endorsement to their policy to add protection to the devices.

“We felt like it was very important to us to cover our investment in these devices knowing that they were no longer in our hands,” said Martinsville City Schools Director of Technology Steve Tatum. “So after reviewing several programs our coverage through VRSA offered the best value in helping to protect these devices off campus.”