VRSA Consulting

Public Safety Consulting

The Virginia Risk Sharing Association (VRSA) provides risk consulting for the public safety sector including law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services. Our training programs assist in reducing accidents and injuries for law enforcement and fire/EMS staff. Services include:

  • Technical assistance;

  • On-site risk assessment;

  • Liability training;

  • Below 100 program training

  • Loss and injury analysis;

  • Draft mutual aid agreements;
  • Online training; and

  • Assistance developing fitness/wellness programs.

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Human Resources Consulting

VRSA provides human resources consultative services to members with public officials’ liability coverage to assist in the mitigation of employment practices liability exposure. HR services include:

  • Review of materials such as job postings, policies, procedures, corrective actions, and more;
  • HR consultations – phone-based or in-person;
  • Web-based and in-person training on topics such as FMLA, ADA, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and more;
  • Access to the HR ExecSupport employment hotline;
  • Sample policies, procedures, interview questions, and employment posters;
  • HR audits, and more.
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Local Government Consulting

VRSA is proud to offer the consulting services and resources of a past town manager with more than 30 years of local government experience as our Local Government Specialist. Services include:

  • Identifying emerging risks and challenges in local government finance, budgeting, and compliance
  • Leadership consulting
    • Council/manager governance
    • Community relationship management
    • Ethics
    • Strategic planning
    • Effective service delivery
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Communications Consulting

VRSA provides communications consultative services to members with public officials’ liability coverage to assist members in navigating the unique communications challenges of local governments. Services include:

  • Custom communications consulting – phone-based or in-person;
  • Monitoring of current communications trends and strategies;
  • Training and webinars in the area of crisis communications, media relations, social media, strategic communications, spokesperson preparation; and much more.
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