Risk Management Guidelines update: Targeted requirements on hold

Requirements added to the Risk Management Guidelines (RMG) assessment July 1 have caused concern for many VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) members. The two guideline requirements that have caused concern are:

  • 4.2: “Is there a vehicle use policy and annual training on your vehicle use policy that addresses personal use, non-employee use, permission for passengers, and hands-free use of mobile communication devices? (If you don’t have a policy in place, or if you have exemptions for law enforcement (public safety) then you must answer NO to this question.)TIP: It is unlawful for any person to operate a moving motor vehicle on the roadways in Virginia while using any handheld personal communication device. Policy statements shall include conditions under which this may be modified, i.e. emergency vehicles. However, if you do allow this for public safety or other departments under specified conditions, you must answer NO to this question. Annual training on this policy shall be conducted in order to render it valid.
  • 12.1: “Do at least 25 percent of your employees utilize online training to meet your safety and risk management goals?” TIP: Online training when used to supplement other types of employee education and training has proven to have a positive impact on employee behavior and safety outcomes. TIP as modified in October 2016: PLEASE NOTE: The online training requirement is postponed for the July 1, 2017 renewal (or policy year). If you cannot currently meet the online training requirement, please select “N/A.” The selection of the “N/A” option will not negatively affect your RMG score.

Effective immediately, members unable to meet the intent of these two elements within their public safety departments will not be adversely affected by noncompliance for the upcoming renewal period (2017-2018).

To answer YES on these questions, all departments including public safety, or all departments except public safety, must meet the requirements.

If your entity’s score is less than 100 percent as a result of not achieving these elements, your underwriter will review your RMG assessment to determine if these questions are the only reason for your score being less than 100 percent.

An advisory committee of members is being formed to discuss and offer advice to VMLIP staff regarding the addition or modification of RMG elements going forward. This advisory committee will be used to assess the level of compliance expected for each of the tier levels as well as the direction for new elements being introduced into the process.

“The purpose of the RMG is not to make the elements unattainable, but to continually challenge member risk management programs toward improvement,” said Beth Rosenthal, VMLIP director of safety services. “This process, over time, builds a stronger risk foundation and ultimately a stronger insurance pool.”

All members are encouraged to meet the RMG elements for your tier and coverage choices, regardless of the suspension of these two elements.

“These are good risk management practices, and we applaud those who are able to achieve all of these goals,” said Rosenthal.