Latest website enhancements include online grant submissions and more…

Additional enhancements went live on the VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) website in time for the New Year.  These include a new online Risk Management Grant application form, self-service Certificate of Insurance management capability, and additional features in the online claim reporting form.

The prior PDF-based Risk Management Grant application form has been replaced with a new web-based form.

Instead of printing and e-mailing a signed application form, members can now submit their grant requests online with an electronic signature.  In addition to being able to print a copy of the completed application, a copy of the request will be automatically e-mailed to the applicant and the organization’s chief appointed official.  A list of previously submitted applications will be available online for historical purposes and as an option for submitting proofs of purchase.

Self-service Certificate of Insurance (COI) management capability is a new feature in the Member Policy Portal.

Members with policy portal access may now: view and print existing certificates; create new certificates; copy and modify an existing certificate for a different vendor or event; and delete certificates that are invalid or no longer needed.  Video tutorials on managing certificates have been posted on the website, both on the Member Home page (temporarily) and on the Underwriting page.

Finally, the following minor changes were made to the Risk Management Guidelines (RMG) questionnaire and the online claim reporting form:

  • In the RMG form, the RMG score will remain visible as users scroll down to answer questions so users can see score updates without scrolling up to the top of the form. The sections list will also remain accessible to assist users in navigating the form.

  • In order to ensure incident reports are completed timely, daily reminders of incident reports pending three or more calendar days are being e-mailed to the person who initiated the incident report and the member’s website administrator(s).

  • To reduce duplicate data entry, checkboxes have been added to the Workers’ Compensation and Auto and Property sections of the online claim form to prefill name and address information entered in previous, potentially related fields. (This is in response to a great suggestion made by a fall workshop attendee.)

VMLIP continues to look for ways to improve and enhance its website in order to maximize its usability and value to members.  This includes the future expansion of member dashboards.  If you have any feedback or suggestions, please e-mail them to with the subject line “VMLIP Website feedback.”