Introducing CompCare On-Call

On Friday, April 13, VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) launched CompCare On-Call in partnership with S1 Medical. CompCare On-Call replaces the previous Nurse Triage 24 (NT24) program provided by Coventry.

“The services we were receiving from NT24 were no longer meeting the expectations of our members,” said VMLIP Director of Workers’ Compensation Claims Robin Duvall. “For example, NT24 implemented new processes which required injured employees to speak with two different NT24 staff members when reporting injuries; injured workers were being kept on the phone much longer than necessary.”

“Additionally, many reports from NT24 included significant errors, such as the wrong member listed as the employer, misspellings of employee names, addresses, and more.”

The toll-free number will remain the same.

The nurse triage toll free number will remain the same: 1-877-234-0898.  This toll free number transferred to CompCare On-Call on April 13; therefore, this change will not create any disruption in services provided to injured workers, but will provide better services and more accurate reporting.

New CompCare On-Call Material

New CompCare On-Call material (wallet cards and posters) have been mailed to our workers’ compensation contacts for distribution.  Since the toll free number remains unchanged, using older Coventry/NT24 material will not create a problem; all calls to this toll free number will be re-directed to CompCare On-Call, our new nurse triage provider for handling.

Whitelist Domains to Receive Secure Emails

Injury reports will be sent via secure email to members.  Registration and a password are not required to view, print, and save these reports.  To ensure receipt of the secure emails, please whitelist the following secure email domains:


CompCare On-Call Enhancements

CompCare On-Call will provide a variety of enhancements for members, including:

  • Care instructions will be sent to injured employees via text when home care advice is provided by the nurse.
  • When the employee plans to seek treatment or it is recommended, a text will be sent to the injured employee providing information regarding the physician the employee selected from the panel of physicians, including the facility, address, and phone number.
  • A “Provider Notice” will be faxed to the panel physician selected by the employee notifying them that the injured employee is en route for treatment. The notice includes the nurse’s notes and VMLIP’s Medical First Report form, which provides VMLIP’s address, telephone, and fax number for billing purposes.  The medical provider will complete the Medical First Report with the employee’s work status, fax it to VMLIP, and return the report to the employee.  The employee should provide the completed report to their supervisor/employer, so the employer is aware of the employee’s return to work capabilities or work restrictions.
  • The First-Fill Prescription card will be sent via text to employees that seek medical treatment.
  • Easy and efficient method for members to provide employee demographics to CompCare On-Call, which reduces the time employees are on the phone providing this information and ensures accuracy in reporting.
  • Coming Soon:  A triage phone app for supervisors/managers to download. The app replaces the need for carrying wallet cards; a supervisor may simply pull up the app and touch to call and report an injury.  Pictures of an injury may also be uploaded and sent to the nurse to better assist with injuries.

For more information on the change to CompCare On-Call, register for the 2018 VMLIP Annual Meeting. S1 Medical will be presenting to discuss these enhancements in more detail.


  • VMLIP’s dedicated toll free number remains the same (1-877-234-0898).  This number is for VMLIP workers’ compensation members only.
  • CompCare On-Call is available 24-7-365.
  • Immediate triage advice provided by a registered nurse.
  • Nurse follow-up with injured employees who receive homecare advice.
  • CompCare On-Call will review the entire panel of physicians with the employee if the employee is not provided a panel by the member.  VMLIP recommends that members provide the employee with a copy of the panel of physicians prior to calling CompCare On-Call, when possible.  Doing so, makes the process easier for the employee and lessens the time the employee is on the phone.
  • Option available to report an injury only (without nurse intervention).  This is available for supervisors reporting injuries on the employee’s behalf, record only claims, employees that do not wish to speak with a nurse, etc.